Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things soon to come!!

   My other Blog Back Creek Bushcraft is how I got started, Bushcrafting and survival skills are my hobby but the truth is we all live in the real world...a mechanical world. Survival in my mind is much more than running off into the woods when or if something does happen. We all probably have our own small infrastructures or equipment to maintain or repair if it fails not to mention taking care of your family.
   My background is farming and I also work full time as a mechanic in a food processing plant. When a machine goes down it needs to be repaired, and when it's time to milk the cows the system needs to work. You can either pay someone to come and repair it, but you'll have to wait.
 Or you can learn to fix it yourself.

This is how I got into maintenance, my survival mindset took me there. What if the system failed... how will I fix it so the cows get milked. What if there was no one able to make it... how will it get repaired then!!  I'm going to try and cover minor and not so minor repairs and skill sets, useful skills to have in a rural/urban SHTF scenario.

Stay safe