Saturday, March 15, 2014

Multitools... Don't leave home without it!

 As long as I can remember or at least since I was eight years old I've always carried a knife of one kind or another. As a former Cub Scout and later a Boy Scout I have always believed in the motto "Be Prepared" and have lived that way most of my life to one degree or another. Also from an early age to this day I've been involved in farming, either employed by a farmer or milking our own cows  on a farm we rented or currently at my Brother in Laws farm .
   Back in the mid 80's I was employed at a medium sized dairy operation and somewhere around this time the first Multitool came out. I remember reading about Tim Leatherman's "pliers" in Blade Magazine and as a diehard knife enthusiast my first thought was what a useless gimmick.
I was wrong and after I broke down and spent some hard earned money and got a Leatherman PST (Personal Survival Tool) and found out how indispensable they can be.

My original Leatherman PST
   From that day forward I've either had a Multitool on my belt or in my pocket 24/7 in addition to my knife. The tool above has done every thing from working on a Ford 8N back in a field, prying open chain pinch links to prodding cows with the needle nose when pinned in a corner.

Nowadays I carry a Gerber 600 which I've used daily for at least eight years day in day out on the farm and at my job as a maintenance mechanic at a food processing plant. I carry it religiously on my belt in a Spec Ops Super Sheath which has been modified with a snap after the Velcro wore out.
Gerber 600 Pro Scout

    I'm not about to recommend one brand or style over another, and they don't take the place of regular tools. What they do is allow you to do is carry a compact set of usable tools on your person for light to medium duty tasks when the need arises.

The tool options vary between manufactures and models but the basics are screwdriver blades, file saw, scissors can opener not to mention the ever useful pliers. The sky is almost the limit depending on what specific items  you have a need for.
Gerber Diesel, Leatherman Wave and Sidekick
 When the moment arises which could be right now, you'll have the means and hopefully the ability to take care of what's at hand whatever that may be, using the tools that you carry with you.
"Be Prepared"

Stay safe